About Envo

ENVO Drive Systems, is a Canadian pioneering engineering and manufacturer of micro-electric-mobility products. ENVO’s mission is to fill in the gaps of e-mobility by offering innovative, modular, and versatile products. Heavily investing in R&D, ENVO is committed to affordable quality to be the preferred e-mobility choice for the sustainable future of our planet.

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About Norco

Norco is a Canadian brand that has manufactured bikes for over 50 years. It is an innovative company that has managed to stay ahead of the cycling curve. It also supports professional cyclists and teams, as well as cycling advocacy initiatives. Its current range features about 125 different bikes in all the major styles.

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About Kona

Since 1988, they’ve worked to grow the world of cycling, creating new cyclists and inspiring existing ones to go deeper. We specialize in purpose-built mountain, gravel, commuter, bike packing, and e-bikes that are unbound by convention and as unique as you are.  

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About Opus

For the last 15 years, they’ve been fusing the art of design and the science of manufacturing to create bikes. Crafting bikes that not only look good but feel good.

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About Gazelle

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making bikes for more than 130 years in its factory in Dieren. They focus on safety and comfort in an attractive design fitted with the latest innovations. You’ll enjoy being seen on a Gazelle bike when you’re out and about like the Dutch. 


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About Slane

Before the first lockdown of 2020, the founders of 02ride  went to the Toronto Bicycle show. They  fell in love with the Slane Victoria Ebike and later teamed up with Bill & Annie of Slane Ebikes LTD. O2RIDE INC. became the exclusive Eastern Canadian Distributor of Slane Ebikes.

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About Fox Racing

Since 1974, when Geoff Fox first introduced the world to the iconic fox head logo, Fox has been all about family. Not just the Fox family name— a legacy that continues to this day—but the idea of forging a family that celebrates life on two wheels and shares that passion with the world.

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About Bell Helmets

It’s no coincidence that Bell is both the first name in speed and the first name in helmets. Born in the 1950’s California hot rod and racing scene, Bell founder Roy Richter built an entire industry anticipating the unmet needs of those with a speed-hungry disposition. People wanted to drive fast … he corralled all the go-fast parts he could find into the world’s first speed shop. They wanted to race … he built them race cars. And when the need-for-speed started to reveal some grim realities, Roy did something about that too and Bell Helmets was born.

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About Giro

Giro was founded more than 30 years ago by Jim Gentes, a man with an obsession for design and answering unmet needs. That obsession led him to start making his own products, and ultimately resulted in a company committed to serving the rider through personal expression and advanced performance. Our world has changed dramatically in the past three decades, but Giro has remained steadfastly committed to serving enthusiast riders.

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